Anyone involved with having wheels on their feet will have crossed paths with Dirtyfive at some point – A skating aficionado single handedly keeping Virgin Airlines in business!

At the tender age of 10, Dirty kicked off his epic career with ice-skating – where he promptly decided falling over and getting wet wasn’t for him, and shifted across the road to roller skating.

Starting initially in Artistic skating (Until he was told he had to wear lycra!), Dirty has conquered and represented pretty much every arm of skating; National level speed skating and Roller Hockey then world level Inline Hockey.

More recently, Dirty was introduced to Derby within Tasmania by a friend who was just starting up – with skating well and truly in his skill set, it was the challenge of gameplay that drew him in; “I thought as I’m an old school skater, once I understand the game a bit I might be able to help…Understand the game?! Just when you think you got something, it changes!!”

Over the last three years, Dirty has donned Tassie Green and Victorian Blue for the Mens Roller Derby Nationals.

Victorian Vanguard & Wizard of Aus

FiFi Nomenon

Fifi Nomenon just finished her seventh season in roller derby, skating on both the banked and flat track. She has been a jammer, a blocker, and everything in between for the LA Derby Dolls, Angel City Derby Girls, and the Texas Rollergirls.


She received the Jammer MVP for Western Regionals as well as the 2012 runner up DNN Rookie of the Year and the 2013 runner up DNN blocker of the year. Fifi has proudly skated as a member of Team USA at the 2014 World Cup and excitedly represented Riedell as a Riedell Superstar.


As a coach she has trained various leagues from Los Angeles to Savannah, Puerto Rico to Sao Paulo, and Providence, RI to Johannesburg, South Africa. Fifi Nomenon brings the skills of a blocker, jammer, manager, captain and skate nerd to her coaching and looks forward to training you on and off the track.

Get your high fives ready!

Texas Roller Girls

Freight Train

Freight Train started with Houston Roller Derby in 2011 and is now skating her third season for the Texas Rollergirls. Though a very versatile player, she has been jamming the majority of her derby career.  

She began coaching in 2014 at BeatMe Halfway. Every since, she has been periodically training other leagues  and 

popping up at different derby events across the U.S.

She's been playing derby for 6 seasons and has spent them working up the derby ranks to be the best player she can.

Her skating background is primarily rhythm/jam skating and has been 

consistently doing it for over 20 years.  

This is the first ever coaching gig in Australia for Freight Train.

Texas Roller Girls, Austin

Lady Trample

Lady Trample is full of many talents. She is the founder & CEO of Chicks in Bowls, starting in 2012 in New Zealand and has now become a recognised brand across the world. She also works as a Freelance Graphic Designer and skates at a competitive level with the Victorian Roller Derby League All Stars and on Ramps often coaching or working on tutorials.

Trample was recently announced as a team member for Team New Zealand Roller Derby, who will be competing in the World Cup in 2018 and is coming back from a three-month European coaching gig with Scald Eagle.

Trample definitely is an inspiring coach & skater.

VRDL All Stars, CEO & Founder Chics in Bowl

MoshPit NoJutsu (Moshee)

Moshee, as he is fondly known, started playing roller derby in 2013 with the KAMIQUADZ (part of DCCLM league) in Montipellier (France). Prior to this, Moshee played Rugby for 3 years and American Football for 5 years.

Moshee’s derby career saw him start as a blocker, with a few opportunities as a jammer. Whilst being surrounded by highly skilled skaters, most of them part of the French National team today, Moshee yearned to spread his wings and see the world a bit more, while continuing to play derby.

In May 2015, Moshee began his Australian experience with Victoria Men’s Roller Derby (previously Victorian Vanguards). Many months of hard training and scrimmages, saw Moshee rostered on the VMRD team (Vanguards) for the Australian Men’s Roller Derby Nationals (AMRD) as a blocker in November 2015.

In 2016, Moshee joined Kingston City Rollers in their mixed team and spent his time training between KCR & Vanguards and travelling with both teams around Australia. He also flew back to France in May to play as a primary jammer with his KAMIQADZ French team, ranking 4th in the French Nationals. KCR’s mixed team ranked 4th at the United Roller Derby Playoffs in August against some tough competition and in November, Moshee became a primary jammer for Vanguards at the AMRD Nationals where they have dominated this tournament and are the undefeated Champions three years running.

If you want to get some jamming & blocking skills & techniques down pat and learn some French along the way, Moshee is the guy!

VMRD Vanguard skater

Synaptic Kid

Synaptic Kid (SK) #633 has been a member of the Wizards of Aus team since 2014, participating in both the 2014 and 2016 Men’s Roller Derby World Cups.

As a blocker/pivot on the National Men’s Team and a “Whatever my coach tells me (which is often mostly jamming)” with his league team (Brisbane City Rollers) has provided SK the exposure to holistically understand how different facets of Roller Derby interact and identify what elements may be missing from an individual skater’s skill set.

SK’s main areas of interest are “teaching skaters how to deal with people bigger than them, giving & taking offence more effectively (getting that relationship right between jammers & blockers), breaking up strong wall formations (as an individual), adapting to changing environments while blocking (pack awareness & reallocation), efficient lateral movements, and how to be a good pivot (positioning, movement & communication). He also likes to touch on new & fun ways of stopping when you crash!


Coaching since 2013, and having been exposed to some of the best skaters and coaches in Australia, SK has a range of experience guiding skaters from Rookies through to Travel Team level and helping them achieve their desired outcomes in Derby.


If you want to increase your technical & strategic roller derby knowledge, SK is the guy to help you!

Wizard of Aus

Emily - Chunky Yoga

Chunky Yoga honours and embraces our differences and strives to create an environment where all bodies can do all poses.

Evidence prove yoga has a transformative power, and through a committed yoga practice, people can embrace a relationship with their body and find joy in movement.

Chunky Yoga is a specialised class ensuring you get the most out of your practice regardless of your body type. Chunky Yoga's focus is not on weight loss but on strength, flexibility, balance, self-acceptance, confindence and peace of mind.

Yoga is about the soul, not about your body shape.

Emily will be exploring a practice that can compliment your derby training, offering strength and stamina, and safe, effective stretching to avoid injuries.


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