Hi! I’m Reptar! I have been skating for 9 years. I currently skate for Philly Roller Derby, but skated for a number of other teams prior including: Arch Rival, Denver Mile High Club, Kansas City Roller Warriors, and started in a league in Arkansas now known as Rock Town Roller Derby. I am a jammer and question my decision making skills because of it a lot 😅. When I’m not skating I like to embroider cute stuff on clothes for fun. I’ve never been to Australia, so I’m very excited to come skate and meet new people!

Photo credit: Michele. J. Hale

Jammer, Philly Roller Derby

Davey Blockit

Davey Blockit is in her 16th season of roller derby. She started as a newbie in her home town of St. Louis with Arch Rival and transferred to Gotham in 2010. Davey went on to win 4 Hydras with Gotham. She decided to give MRDA a try and transferred to the New York Shock Exchange in 2017 and was one of the first women to play at MRDA champs. In 2019 she moved to Melbourne and played on the 2019 All-star charter with VRDL. Her new venture has led her to a mixed gender team at Kingston City Rollers!

Photo credit: Asa Frye

Blocker, Kingston City Rollers


Since joining the derby community in 2013, I have played, benched, run events and lead a league, but my one true derby love is officiating. The physicality of skating, the satisfaction of paperwork, the magic when a crew comes together like a well-oiled machine. Being a roller derby official is a beautiful thing and I recommend everyone give it a go!

I am passionate about inclusion and knowledge sharing, and love mentoring new and developing Officials. In 2019 I was lucky enough to travel to the US to officiate at The Big O and East Coast Derby Extravaganza (ECDX), and to New Zealand to crew head at Top10, in between officiating around Australia at tournaments including 5x5, Royal Rumble, Tropicarnage, Rebellion and Nationals.


Photo credit: Richard Thompsett (Tropicarnage 2019)

Roller Derby Official

Bonita Apple Bomb

I have been skating with Gotham Girls Roller Derby since 2011 and a Gotham All-Star since 2013. I have been the captain of my home team, Manhattan Mayhem, since 2015 and a co-captain of the All-Stars since 2018. In 2019 I was awarded the WFTDA International Championship MVP Award.


Photo credit: Jean Schwarzwalder

WFTDA 2019 MVP - Blocker, Gotham Girls Roller Derby

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