Roller derby has been a major force in my life since 2010. I started skating in a non-WFTDA league in Cape Girardeau, MO, USA. After two and a half years there I followed my friends to Tampa, FL for warmer weather and to skate for the WFTDA league there. In 2013 I joined Tampa Roller Derby and made their all-star team originally as a blocker. I found myself in the jammer role by the end of the season and haven't looked back. I competed with Tampa's WFTDA All-Star charter (Tampa Tantrums) in Division I Playoffs from 2013-2017 as a regularly rotated jammer. During my tenure with Tampa I coached Tampa's B-team (helping them earn spots at B-Team champs) and Tampa's juniors for a year and a half (coaching them in the all-gender champs bracket in 2017); along with these duties I also captained the Tantrums within the same two year time span! Whew!

After five and half years my wanderlust got the best of me and I landed in Los Angeles, CA in July 2018. I skated with the Hollywood Scarlets in the A Coruna, Spain playoffs and earned my first playoff medal. This year in New Orleans will be my first showing at WFTDA Championships.

I'm a sponsored skater with Chaya. I have the handsomest black cat, Raul. I love parties, naps, and good storytelling. 

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Jammer, Angel City Derby


Refereeing since 2013 with hundreds of games officiated, Pombat is excited to impart some of his ideas and experience to help grow the officiating expertise in Australia. Everyone learns differently and has a different style so whether you take a lot or a little away there is guaranteed to be something for everyone. A certified trainer and assessor as well as a recognized Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu coach Pombat brings some unique skills to help beginners and veterans alike understand the rules of roller derby and how to apply them.

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He'll have you rolling around!

Rachel Rotten

Angel City Derby (Los Angeles, CA) has had my heart since day 1 of my roller derby career. I started derby in 2010 and have been on our WFTDA charter team, the Hollywood Scarlets, since 2011. I have competed at WFTDA Regional (2011, 2012), Div. 1 Playoffs (2013-2018) and WFTDA Championships 6 consecutive years (2013-2018). I love unlocking derby magic with skaters in all positions and truly believe that we never stop learning. I have shared the track with the best athletes in our sport and I want to share my skills and love of the game with skaters everywhere! When I'm not skating, I love themed/costume parties, road trips, craft coffee, and funk/soul music. 

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Blocker & Jammer, Angel City Derby


Slinger is currently a blocker for the Canberra Roller Derby league, having just finished her fifth season of competitive Roller Derby. In that time she has played a wide range of roles within her teams. Slinger has represented Australia in two World Cups, one as a Blocker/Pivot, and one as a Jammer. In the 2017 World Cup, Slinger was chosen as one of the MVP jammers for the tournament. Since moving to CRDL in early 2018, she worked with her team to score a decisive win of the North American West Continental Cup in August 2018, setting CRDL up in a good position within the Div 1 WFTDA rankings for 2019. At the Continental Cup, Slinger was also awarded Tournament MVP. The key decision point for MVP was while she was on the track over 50% each game, a maximum of 25 points were scored per team while she was on the track. In October 2018, she expanded her roles to include statistics and strategy for the VRDL Queen Bees, assisting them with securing their 1st place victory against Denver and Rose at B Champs 2018. Along with these, Slinger brings over 20 years of skating experience and 15 years of coaching experience over a range of sports. She's looking forward to coaching and having loads of fun at another year of Camp Skate.


Some odd facts... Slinger has no binocular depth perception and is vegan (so she is basically a rabbit). She also has two old and disabled puppies who love cuddles.

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Blocker, Canberra Roller Derby League


The name is Spinach. Spinach hasn’t always been her name ‘Baby Rocket’ was her original derby name that didn’t last very long. Her friends dubbed her as Spinach and it stuck. From then on, it was clear she would have to live her life out as ‘Spinach’.  It’s ok her life has been greener ever since. Staying fit and healthy has always been a passion and a way of life for Spinach however she never played any team contact sports prior to joining Sunstate.

Spinach watched a Sunstate Roller Derby game and thought it looked pretty cool, years later when her job position changed she took a step and joined Sunstate Roller Derby. With no previous skating ability she skated on rental skates (mental rentals) for 6 months in fresh meat before buying her first pair of skates. Within the first year of bouting Spinach made the charter for Div 1. Playoffs in Dallas as a jammer/blocker. She then continued on to the next year in 2016 solely as a Jammer for Division 1. Playoffs in Montreal. 

In 2017 Spinach’s dreams came true when she made the Australian training squad and was able to train with some of the best Athletes in the sport and to top it off she also made the final charter for the Australian Roller Derby World Cup 2018, competing in Manchester as a Jammer. Spinach was the highest scoring jammer in the Semi-Final against England securing a Silver medal for the Australian team. In 2018, Spinach spent the year as a primary jammer coach for the travel team ‘Swarm” where they recently completed in the Division 1 playoffs in Atlanta. Spinach loves helping other skaters and teaching footwork, technique and mental grit. Spinach believes that anything is possible. Being this small she enjoys defying gravity every chance she can. Follow your dreams and ignore anyone who says you can’t.

Jammer, Sunstate Swarm - Sunstate Roller Girls


Hi Camp Skaters!

I’m SX and I’m coming into my 7th year of competitive roller derby! I started out playing for the Northern Brisbane Rollers (NBR) in 2013 and made the A team that same year which was terrifying and exciting all at once. That fuelled my fire to keep learning and improving. I soon moved to Sun State to up the anti. Playing for Swarm has taken me to Division One Playoffs three times, overseas to compete on four trips, and interstate even more frequently. I also had the pleasure of making the Team Australia training squad 2017/2018.

I’ve coached 6 of the 7 years I’ve played competitively and before that I taught Tae Kwon Do, so you can tell I absolutely love to share knowledge and watch people learn and grow. I’m very exciting to be a coach at Camp Skate and can’t wait to meet you! (And your dogs, please bring dogs!).


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Blocker, Sun State Swarm - Sunstate Roller Derby Girls

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