Anyone involved with having wheels on their feet will have crossed paths with Dirty5 at some point – A skating aficionado single handedly keeping Virgin Airlines in business!

At the tender age of 10, Dirty kicked off his epic career with ice-skating – where he promptly decided falling over and getting wet wasn’t for him, and shifted across the road to roller skating.

Starting initially in Artistic skating (Until he was told he had to wear lycra!), Dirty has conquered and represented pretty much every arm of skating; National level speed skating and Roller Hockey then world level Inline Hockey.

More recently, Dirty was introduced to Derby within Tasmania by a friend who was just starting up – with skating well and truly in his skill set, it was the challenge of gameplay that drew him in; “I thought as I’m an old school skater, once I understand the game a bit I might be able to help…Understand the game?! Just when you think you got something, it changes!!”

Over the last three years, Dirty has donned Tassie Green and Victorian Blue for the Mens Roller Derby Nationals.

Victorian Vanguard & Wizard of Aus


I have been involved in roller derby for 8 years. I have witnessed the sport develop from the g-string leotard, fishnet and safety pins days to the highly competitive and athletic sport it has become.

I now take my off skates strength and conditioning as seriously as my skating. Every sport requires different types of training, especially something as unique as roller derby. I decided to pursue a career in fitness to spread this knowledge throughout the derby community. I want to see every skater reach their potential and believe that understanding your training and your strengths is what will get you there.

VRDL All Star

Kim Tonkin

Plucked from the crowd and given a whiteboard back in 2009, 5284 Kim Elius-Tonkin career as a sports official was born.

VRDL Official

Lorrae Evans

Captain of Helsinki's A Team in 2012, Lorrae trained as a blocker for LRG Brawling who went on to win won gold in Evansville playoffs 2014 and 4th place at champs 2014.

VRDL All Star

Roxy Dallas

Roxy Dallas spent the formative years of her life in rinks up and down the east coast of the United States playing ice hockey.


After a five year break from competitive sports to pursue creative writing and experimental performance, Roxy was introduced to roller derby by her tattoo artist during a marathon tattoo session. Roxy got her start in GGRD's Basic Training program and has been playing roller derby for four seasons.


2016 will make her second season co-captaining the five-time world champion Gotham Girls Roller Derby All Stars.


She is also a member of Gotham's elected Coaching Committee and the Manhattan Mayhem home team, representing her beloved home town of New York City, New York. 

Gotham Girls, New York

Suzy Hotrod

Suzy Hotrod joined roller derby in 2004 with New York City's Gotham Girls Roller Derby after being an athletically dormant art school student who spent her free time playing in a punk band.


There were no tryouts and there was only 6 skaters on her team in her first bout. Her skating background consisted of attending birthday parties at the roller rink. She ran track and played basketball growing up and left sports after freshman year of high school because she preferred marching band.

Gotham Girls, New York

Sausarge Rolls

Sausarge Rolls #11 has been having fun on skates now for more than two decades starting at age 7.


Sarge started his career playing inline hockey and quickly progressed to ice hockey where he played at the highest level for 12 years traveling Australia and the world playing one of the fastest sports around until he found Roller Derby.


Within 5 years Sarge has gone from coaching his local league in Tasmania (DSDL) to coaching and playing internationally and being selected as Co-Captain of the 2016 Men's National team 'Wizards of Aus'.


He is non-stop and wants to share his experiences, skills and innovative training methods as a derby player and hockey player with everyone.


He strongly believes he can teach any skater how to reach that next level.

Wizard of Aus


I've studied with some great teachers like Donna Farhi & Sarah Powers. In 2011, I started teaching in Beijing at a studio called Yoga Yard, the city's first. When I moved back to Australia in 2012, I did a Cert IV in yoga teaching at Byron Bay Yoga Centre.


I've taught at various gyms and studios around Melbourne, and currently just cover classes when other teachers need it. I practice at Australian Yoga Academy in Seddon

The style I teach is Vinyasa Flow


I started my derby career in 2012 and moved to the Victorian Roller Derby League (VRDL) in 2014.  Playing with the Queen Bees, yoga has helped me be stronger and focused when I'm jamming.


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