Brawn Swanson

I developed an interest in roller derby when my sister Scald Eagle started playing in 2010. After graduating college in 2012 and following my sisters progress in the sport, I decided to move to Portland OR and make the switch from playing Ice hockey to roller derby. I made the fresh meat program in November of that year and have been completely immersed in derby since. After a couple years playing and developing my skills on the RCR home team The High Rollers, I decided to tryout for the travel team in 2015. I made massive strides that year as a rookie and our team went home at the end of the season with first place wins at both playoffs and champs. 2016 was a repeat of the previous year with the added bonus of winning the Championship Tournament MVP. Due to a family situation, 2017 was a bit of a shake up with me moving to Denver CO and joining DRD’s Mile High Club. Im really proud of how far our team came this year and I can’t wait to see what DRD brings to the track in 2018!  Following champs in 2016, I got into coaching and found it to be very rewarding. Ive really enjoyed coaching and can’t wait to come to Australia and coach at Camp Skate this year! It sounds like it's going to be a blast!!! 


My accomplishments include:

  • Rose City Rollers Rookie of the Year Award in 2014.

  • 1st place Rose City Rollers Home Team Championships in 2013, 2015, and 2016.

  • Rose City Rollers Best Blocker Award in 2016.

  • 1st Place at the 2015 WFTDA Playoffs in Dallas Texas.

  • 1st place at the  2015 WFTDA Championships in Saint Paul Minnesota.

  • 1st Place at the 2016 WFTDA Playoffs in Columbia South Carolina.

  • 1st place and Most Valuable Player at the 2016 WFTDA championships in Portland Oregon.

  • 2nd place at the 2017 WFTDA Payoffs in Malmo, Sweden.

Blocker, Denver Roller Derby

Scald Eagle

Scald Eagle will be entering her 8th season of derby and her 2nd season with the Denver Roller Derby Mile High Club! She's been named DNN's 2011 Rookie of the Year, 2011 Western Regionals MVP, the 2015 Dallas Divisional All Tournament MVP, and the 2015 WFTDA Championships All Tournament MVP. Eagle was extremely privileged to be a part of the two iterations of RCR’s Wheels of Justice Hydra winning teams and incredibly honored to be a team member of the 2014 and 2018 USA Roller Derby teams. She loves traveling the globe to teach roller derby and cant wait to be a part of Camp Skate!

Jammer, Denver Roller Derby

Justin Credible

  • Victoria Men’s Roller Derby Travel Team Captain (currently #1 in Australia)

  • Victorian Roller Derby League Official (WFTDA Certified Level 2)

  • Victorian Roller Derby League Queen Bees Coach

  • Team Australia (Wizards of Aus) Player


Justin began his derby career in 2012 as an official with Sydney Roller Derby League, then as a founding member, Training Coordinator and Captain of Sydney City SMASH Men’s Derby. A move to Melbourne, Victoria in early 2015 meant a transfer to Victoria Men’s Roller Derby, where he is now the President and Captain of the travel team, Victorian Vanguard and a senior official for Victorian Roller Derby League. He has been a member of the Australian national men’s team (Wizards of Aus) since 2013 and competed in both World Cups as in integral member of the team. Over the years, he has continued to train at a high level as both an official and a player and is highly regarded as both. Currently, he is one of only a few Level 2 WFTDA Certified Referees in Australia. His perspective as an official has proven very beneficial as a player, and vice versa. He has coached the top Australian men’s and women’s teams for over three years and has run targeted officiating clinics for Australian officials.

Justin will be coaching with Honey Collider at Camp Skate, as the awesome duo, they are!  He will also be running a couple of ref classes too! We're going to suck everything we can out of Justin Credible at Camp Skate! :)

Honey Collider

  • Victorian Roller Derby League Top 30 skater (currently #1 in WFTDA)

  • Victorian Vanguard Head Coach (currently #1 in Australia)

  • Victorian Roller Derby League smALL Stars Coach

  • Victorian Roller Derby League Learn-to-Skate Program Founder and Coach


Honey started derby in 2012 at Sydney Roller Derby League and moved to Melbourne to join the Victorian Roller Derby League in 2015 where she was drafted to the Top 30 and currently represents the league as a Queen Bee. She has taken on numerous coaching roles, including training the VRDL league, travel teams and juniors. She has quickly and successfully grown the juniors program from five to 25 members within a year and forged them into a competitive team. She was also selected as Head Coach of the Victorian Vanguard men’s team in 2015 and has played a crucial role in developing their competitive gameplay to achieve national championship titles every single year. In 2016 Honey introduced the Learn-to-Skate program (Freshmeat) to VRDL, where it has been a great success and consistently boasts over 30 members each term. She has years of experience developing entire training programs, individual sessions, and strategies and has contributed to the success and growth of both Victorian men’s and women’s leagues.

Honey will be coaching with Justin Credible at Camp Skate, as the awesome duo, they are!



ShortStop likes long walks on the beach only at a slow to moderate pace. Loves to eat kimchi and candy. Is addicted to roller derby and training to become a Taekwondo black belt. In her free time, she loves to coach all levels of skating from basic training to advance skill or dance K-pop with her mixtape crew #PL9!


Two times Team Australia skater, ShortStop will be captaining Team Korea Roller Derby at the Roller Derby World Cup in February 2018. Being 5' 1 1/2" ShortStop believes good things come in small packages and is looking forward to sharing her tips and tricks to help you jam smarter not harder!

Jammer, Canberra Roller Derby League

Lady Trample

Lady Trample has been skating ramps for almost as long as she’s been cutting laps. First taking to the transitions in 2012 at the end of her first bouting season, she instantly became addicted to the feeling of pumping up and down a ramp. Not long after he first drop-in, she formed Chicks in Bowls to post the progress of her crew of local rollers and since then has launched a revolution in the park skating scene. She’ll be running Camp Skates first ever Ramp Classes and is super excited to share what she’s learned about the ways of mastering everything from pumping, to stalling, sliding and more! 

VRDL All Stars, CEO & Founder Chics in Bowl

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