Qualified instructors teach basic archery skills -  participants will need accuracy, control and a steady hand.  

Fire Twirling

Dread Blocks started fire twirling as a way to have fun and stay fit. He doesn’t really like gyms so he made learning how to twirl a work out. Fire Twirling improves balance and stability, is a great upper body workout and, and helps hand eye coordination. First you learn how to handle a staff and some basic moves. It takes lots of practice before you can even light one on fire if you’re never used one before. After the class if anyone is interested we will have a fire show and perform all the skills learnt.

Image supplied by Bill LaGrue

Giant Swing

The ultimate test of nerve and joint decision-making! Members of the group haul the Giant Swing 10 metres into the air with two people in the harness.  When both the participants agree, they pull the ripcord and swing towards the ground at high speed.  The question is ... how high will you go?t's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Karaoke competition

Think you're the next 'Voice' ... the Australian Idol''!?!

Sing your heart out against the other contestants and win the title of Camp Skate Idol!

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'Camp Skate aims to provide a safe, positive and inclusive environment where all participants can increase their knowledge, skills and networking within the Derby community.'

Camp Skate 2016